Victim Services Program

All contacts between Victims and the Victim Services Program are confidential.

As a Crime Victim in ND You Have the Following Post-sentencing Rights:
  • To receive notice of an offender’s release from custody. This includes: final release, work release (Minimum custody), temporary release, or release to various other community release programs.
  • To be informed of the parole and pardon advisory board process, and to be advised of what you as a victim can do to participate in this process. (Victims may submit a written statement for the boards review. Victims of violent crime may personally appear to give a statement).
  • To be notified of protection available in cases of intimidation.
  • To be informed of the appropriate and available community services for crime victims.
Services Available to Crime Victim Through the Victim Service Program Include:
  • Assisting victims who have offenders incarcerated wit the ND Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (NDDOCR).
  • Crisis intervention and advocacy throughout the corrections process.
  • Information regarding the status of inmates in prison. (Inmates may go through several different status changes during their period of incarceration).
  • Provide community and agency education about policies and procedures of the NDDOCR.
  • Referrals to other state and community services.
  • Explanation of the notification process.
  • Trained facilitators for restorative justice services such as victim-offender conferencing
Notification Includes:
  • Release to parole or pardon status
  • Work/Education release (Minimum Custody)
  • Expiration of sentence
  • Revocation of sentence
  • Death
  • Escape
What Must a Crime Victim do to Receive Services?
  • Registration with the Victim Service Program is required. This is done by submitting a registration form, which can be downloaded here (Crime Victim Registration Form). The program will not be able to provide services unless a registration form is received. Please remember to send the completed form to the Victim Service Program using the address below. You may also register online ND SAVIN / VINELink.
  • A victim must keep the Victim Service Program informed of any address or contact changes.
Additional Information:
  • The North Dakota Century Code allows for inmates convicted after August 1, 1995, to earn five days a month of good time, except when incarceration is six months or less.
  • The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation determines an inmate’s custody level and movement to other DOCR facilities based in part on the needs of the offender, criminal history and security risk.
  • The location of an inmate is public information.
  • Certain aspects of an offender’s release plan, including special conditions of supervision imposed by the ND Parole Board or the courts are public information and can be provided upon request.

For further information regarding the services provided please contact:

Carisa Upton, Victim Services Coordinator
DOCR Victim Services Program
PO BOX 1898
Bismarck, ND 58502-1898 
Phone: 701-328-6183
Toll-free: 1-888-568-4410
Fax: 1-701-328-6651